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Though Interlude was released on a single DVD, Slam Dunk and Air Master never were fully released.

While Slam Dunk is getting a proper manga release by Viz right now, it's length makes me want to go after Air Master first.

This is one thing that I actually had not heard yet, and it's a very interesting idea. It's nearly 5 AM where I am and I have work in two hours what am I doing on this site?

But more then that it makes sense, if anyone here has been to Europe you'll know what I mean, even with crappy conversion rate for Dollars to Euro the prices are just so much more. ^^; you also have to take into consideration their economy..the exchange rate between the YEN, the USD and AUSD...

Its nice to have the Japanese version of English sub.

I myself buy quite a few Japanese DVD's...i live in Australia...

But DVDs cost -50 and they have about 1-3 episodes on them. I mean, American companies have been said to have paid over 0,000 an episode, and compared to Japan, our DVDs are really cheap!Their titles of choice were the 101-episode basketball classic Slam Dunk, the 27-episode action parody/homage Air Master, and the 3-episode game-based OVA Interlude.Unfortunately, every DVD Toei did was handled badly, as there were seemingly no chapter breaks, barely-functioning menus, and dubtitles in place of subtitles; not quite the horror that was Illumitoon's DVDs, but still bad.As such, they have more money to spend on luxury items such as DVDs and what not, which is generally why everything is more expensive.(Sorry if this is the worng place!) Title=Question I was wondering about this for a while.

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