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Lexicool List of Spanish This is my favorite way to find the verb form I need.However, you need to know what you are looking for (tense, mood, person…).Fortunately, we have Google Translate, which might not be perfect but it will help you understand the main ideas. Labayru Hiztegia Basque Spanish Dictionary, also available as an app from the i Tunes and Google Play stores.Lexicography has long been a major activity at Labayru Fundazioa.Their team of lexicographers makes detailed studies of every word or phrase, and each entry includes variants, different meanings, linguistic contexts, examples, stylistic and grammatical observations, synonyms, and so on.UZEI dictionary of synonyms Type in a Basque word inside the box and the click on the magnifiying glass to get a list of synonyms.It is used in Euskaltegis in the Basque Country as well as in Basque clubs in the Diaspora, for whom the system is free. Online Basque and culture courses from Euskaltzaleak in Argentina Online Basque course coordinated by AEK euskaltegis The course features an introductory module to the language and a basic module divided in two parts.It’s intended for people with basic or no knowledge of Basque and, although it has links to audio for each lesson, I wasn’t able to make it work, even after downloading the latest version of Real Player.

Phrases are fixed expressions that take on a meaning more specific than or otherwise not predictable from the sum of the meanings of its component parts when used independently.

They study words and phraseological units taking into account their semantic, syntactic and paradigmatic relationships within the lexicon. This bilingual Basque-Spanish, Spanish-Basque dictionary is normative with regard to Bizkaia Basque.

It comprises an enormous western dialect lexicon and its Unified Basque correspondences.

Some of you might already be familiar with a few, but I thought a list with the links would be helpful.

Although some websites are in English, other resources are written in Basque or Spanish. You get the translation of the word as well as the word used in a sentence, which makes it easier to understand it in context. I think it is a bit harder to read the results, and sometimes it won’t find the word I need, but overall it is a very good resource for English speakers with no knowledge of Spanish.

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