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What, you thought Hugh Jackman – in his 40s – got that vascular just by choking down chicken breasts?

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The everyman hero – think Bruce Willis in Die Hard, Will Smith, Keanu Reeves – the man who’s athletic and in shape but still someone you might see at work, is dead. ” Tyler Durden asks, pointing at an underwear ad – perfectly airbrushed abs hovering over tiny tighty-whities.

Just as with women, those men are given a boost with some traditional Hollywood and Madison Avenue magic – carefully planned lighting, artfully applied make-up and, of course, Photoshop.

Moreover, even the celebrities – again, whose it is to model the ideal – don’t look like this year round.

You have to be lean, as lean as possible, because being fat means that you’re lazy and pampered and a is the cinematic ur-example – you don’t get much more alpha than the totally jacked king of the Spartans – but the Internet provides its own real-life swole-models.

Witness the so-called “King of Instagram” (there’s that “alpha” leader title again), Dan Bilzerian.

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