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As this was seen by many as the only ray of hope for the future of Macedonia, it had been of utmost importance to preserve it as a functioning institution and continue the battle for democracy and the rule of law.

Over time, the protests have gradually transformed into a revolutionary movement that seeks to highlight and revise the understanding of independence, citizens’ action and collective responsibility in the minds of a majority of Macedonians.

" Dimitri’s sole aim is to make his stories go viral. I didn't kill anyone." The same weekend that NBC spent with Dimitri, a gunman opened fire in a Washington, D. The shooter told police he was motivated by a fake news story.The protests erupted on 12 April 2016 after the country’s president, Gjorge Ivanov, announced that more than 50 officials involved in a wiretapping scandal would be officially pardoned, and the investigation into the alleged illegal telephone surveillance carried out by the government would be halted.Following this decision, a crucial operation of the Special Public Prosecutor's office was brought to an end: one that had been probing multiple corruption scandals and criminal activities by the political elite.But vacationers won't find Veles in many travel guides.The town of 50,000 is almost an hour's drive down a lonely, crumbling highway from the capital, Skopje.

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