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It has allowed for a market that has produced high growth rates without inducing corruption and without creating a social abyss among its inhabitants as has happened in other developing countries.

This success is not simply a matter of adhesion to a certain economic model, as some have readily asserted, but also a reflection of Chile's insistence on institutionality.

That both decisions could be reconciled with each other is undoubtedly positive because it confirmed the value of a policy based on principles.The truth, it seemed to me, was somewhere in between. I feared Chile would be boring and mired in its past-instead, I found a country of people eager to debate about their future.With its annual per capita income of ,000, Chile is considered almost a developed nation by UN standards.The only solid bases for Chile's foreign policy are those tied to the country's very identity, what Montesquieu referred to as "the spirit of the nation." The genius of Chile has historically resided in its institutions.From the Republic's founding, the talent of its political elite has been to persist in making state institutions function well to become capable of self-regulation and of self-correction in the framework of a political order that has been embued with legitimacy.

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