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It protected the vast majority of average users while providing heavy users with a competitive marketplace and small Internet firms with a 15 per cent wholesale advantage. Last month, Maclean’s editorialized on the lack of attention paid to minimum beer prices in Canada (“Why is your government standing in the way of cheaper beer? It’s a policy worth sharing with the whole country.

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Industry Minister Tony Clement followed up with his own Twitter posting that the agency would be forced to drop its existing policy and “go back to [the] drawing board.” Such a casual approach to important public policy is an embarrassment to the government.

It’s also another example of how the Harper government occasionally allows populism to interfere with sound decision-making.

This week we examine the practical implications of the move.

At issue is the ability of Internet carriers such as Bell Canada and Rogers Communications (the parent company of ) to establish usage-based billing, by which all customers pay incrementally for the service they use.

But on the whole, the CRTC’s original decision struck an appropriate balance. We’re pleased to see Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak has since taken up the case, so to speak, and is arguing against minimum pricing.

There are no detached observers in the debate over Internet access.

Everyone has a stake in the system, either as consumer or provider.

The average Canadian Internet user consumes approximately 16 gigabytes of data per month.

By contrast, the heaviest users, who comprise just two per cent of the total, gobble up hundreds of gigs on a monthly basis.

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