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) That’s it, whilst I’m sure there are better ways of achieving PSTN breakout from OCS or Lync (with hardware/gateways), there is a certain amount of self-gratification from 100% software based Vo IP.

I’m sure my configuration could have been applied in a number of different ways and you’ll probably notice that whilst X-Lite will permit Asterisk-to-Skype calls (dial 9 Skype name), at this time Lync will not – only numbers can be passed (I’m happy to take suggestions on this).

(this illustration won’t mean a lot, but you will have to trust me – it works!Next you will be prompted to enter you SFA key, enter the key and register now.Click the space bar to run through the license agreement (does anyone read these? Complete your personal details and your license should be written to /var/lib/asterisk/licenses/ (you should back this up – I’ll explain this next).I have also set my host name as ast.jacobs.local (jacobs.local is my local domain name) and set the search to my local domain. Once you are back to the command line type: shutdown –r now this will result in a reboot of the system.Once the system has completed a restart, login again as root.

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