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Pershing - Commander of the American Expeditionary Force May be it helpful for you [I go upset when I fight with Napoleon ]. I`m going to make central powers generals list too. Work connected with these modifications was completed during the spring of 1916, and the Lanchesters were successfully used at the front.I have an idea to find sobe photos of random generals or people and do generic photos for all countries I found some various and assorted helmets that could add diversity to the game sometime down the road Note that i expanded a bit past Pickelhauben NOTE:i know BDIZZLE made a pickelhauben, British helmet, adrian, and m16 (i think thats what its called) helmet models, this are just additional information cuirassier(mounted jaeger) Serbains and Romanians ALSO used a varient of the Adrian (the only real differences were the insignias on the front and if they dont go into that much detail then the french one can be used over and over again, but if they do i can get the pictures, just seemed repetative) Note: I excluded the British helmets, if you do not know what a British helmet looked like, the portuguese helmet is the exact same type Edit: didnt realize that the ww1 rifles thread included helmets, i still hope there is something useful here The lance carried by the uhlans (and after 1889 the entire German cavalry branch) consisted of a 318 cm (ten foot and five inch) long tube made of rolled steel-plate, weighing 1.6 kg (three pound and nine ounces). In the summer of 1916 armoring of 30 Jeffery cars begun according to the system of Staff-Captain Poplavko, which were subsequently used to form the Armored Company for Special Missions.To be sure, there was no such thing as the Imperial German Army, as the five largest states provided their own land forces. This large and dedicated force provided the backbone of the overall German war effort by placing 158 infantry and 11 Guards Regiments into the field or about 76% of the army. In perspective, it was antici­pated that all armored cars of the Russian Army would be equipped with the Kegress chassis. On the way to their realization stood the Russian revolution, after which A. At the end a mention has to be made of Russian plans to build tanks. Porochovshchikov ("Viezdyechod") and Lebiedenko, properly rejected by the Chief Military-Technical Directorate, but the pro­gram to purchase tanks abroad.On the eve of World War I, a majority of two thirds of the officers in the Prussian Army were members of the nobility. It was planed that in 191718 360 Schneider tanks would be obtained, and in addition interest was shown in a version of the Renault FT17 tank equipped with a machine gun.Kavalleriedivision clashed with their counterparts of the Imperial Russian 10th Cavalry Division in classic cavalry style at the Battle of Jaroslavice. A separate page in the history of Russian armored cars were halftrack vehicles built according to the design of A.Finally i do wish to reiterate a point i made earlier about dismounting. -Along the buttplates of the rifles is a .303 cloth bandolier dated 8-18. Kegress, the director of the Technical Section of the garage of His Imperial Highness.Another thing: all cavalry regiments should have rifles and be able to dismount and fire (along with firing while mounted IMO but that would be overkill because the carbines could be made as secondary weapons while laces primary, but there isnt a tertiary for the swords, sorry im rambling )cavalry, largely recruited in the Polish speaking parts of the Empire. To this end 60 Austin and 90 Fiat chassis were ordered, which were to be ar­mored in the Putilov and Izhorski factories.

As with other armies, the Austro-Hungarian Uhlans were forced into a largely dismounted role by the realities of trench warfare by the end of 1914. The situation with the Austins was even worse in 1917 none of left the factory.The blue and red peacetime uniforms were replaced by field grey during 1915. Together with Austins and Fiats, it was planned to armor 31 Packard chassis in the Obukhowski factory according to the system developed by Lt. Only one car based on this chassis was completed, however, due to exceedingly great weight of the finished product.There was however one last opportunity for traditional glory when on 21 August 1914 the uhlans and dragoons of the 4. The Packard was armed with a Maxim-Nordenfeldt 37 mm automatic cannon mounted on the body and a Maxim 7.62 mm machine-gun in a small turret placed at the rear of the automobile.Regiments were given dual designations as both a unit of their kingdoms army as well as a different name/number designation in the mobilized national army. The four edged spear-like point of the shaft was 30 cm (12 inches) in length and made of tempered steel.For instance the peace time 6th Westphalia Regiment in the Prussian army was the 55th Regiment in the wartime Reich Army. The butt end of the shaft was also pointed so that (in theory) the lance could be wielded as a double ended weapon.

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