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While I’m packing up my toolbox I’m invited to dinner.I accept on the condition, that no power tools will be used in the preparation of the meal. During dinner I find out that the two women know each other from work.Nicole lives with her parents across town and, so they tell me, regularly stays over. I’m thinking to myself that it’s going great and I might have a good chance of.My mind makes, a probably incorrect, assumption about a thirty something, still living at home with her parents, “virgin, Jesus freak.” The conversation is light, focusing mostly on our backgrounds and history, parents, jobs, vacations, that sort of stuff. Brenda, who is sitting across from me, has placed the top of her foot against my calf muscle and is ever so slightly moving it up and down. Before I can finish that thought I’m interrupted, “I’ve got an early shift tomorrow, so I’m kicking you out.” Disappointed, I get up from the couch.

During the next month Nicole smuggles out clothes and other items and stashes them at Brenda’s place. Nicole signs the lease for an apartment in our building and the next Saturday I get my old things out of storage.“This is my friend, Nicole.” We shake hands and I ask, “so what seems to be the problem?” I look at the wall and see several holes but not any of them deep enough to fit a plug.I’m staring at her now, which becomes a problem when Nicole asks, “what do you think, Nathan? Sitting on my own couch I loosen my belt and jeans so to give some room to the raging hard on I’d been sporting ever since her foot started caressing my leg.” Fuck, I missed her entire story, so the best I can manage is, “huh? While fantasizing about her mouth around my cock or her tits bouncing while she rides me, I help myself until, cum bursts from me and onto my shirt. We spend most evenings at either her place, or mine. There is however an obstacle to this going further and that’s Nicole. I understand why and I don’t blame or resent her for it. During the course of a few weeks, bits of information spill out.

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